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mixim Suppli was formulated with a nutritionist, dermatologist and hair stylist to combine science from these 3 fields to improve your hair & body health incorporating expertise from these fields. A 6 in 1 comprehensive hair and body oil that can be used many ways!


  • 10 types of amino acids to help repair skin and hair. Skin and hair are made up of mostly proteins, which are comprised of amino acids, hence an essential ingredient
  • Made with placenta extract, Argan oil, squalane, keratin, ylang ylang flower oil and more to hydrate dry hair and skin
  • Free from synthetic dyes, sulfate, paraben and silicon
  • Fragrance of ylang ylang drop


6 in 1 Hair and Body Oil Uses:

Scalp Care: Apply directly onto scalp before Shampooing, like a massage oil
Hair Damage Care: Works as a damage repair treatment
Hair Styling: Achieve a stylish, wet hair look
Body Care: Prevent dry skin by applying to any exterior skin on the body
Hand Care: Moisturize hands and nails
UV Care: Protect skin and hair from harmful UV rays

ViCREA Mixim Suppli Placenta Hair & Body Oil Capsule 3.5

  • 4589546892585


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