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VICREA&herb's concept lies on providing an ultimate moisture replenishment by focusing on hair's moisture level and hydration balance. With traditional shampoos having a 10-12% moisture level, &herb boasts a 14% moisture level creating a whole new level of hydration, and more importantly sustaining this moisture. As a result, over 90% of ingredients are deep hydrating and replenishing ingredients such as natural herbs, aloe, squalane, chia seed and raw collagen. Herbs, aloe extract, squalane, chia seed, rosemary oil, raw collagen and more for hydration &herb has a splendid blend ratio of 40% rosemary, 35% chamomile and 25% lavender for a perfect herbal formula 100% organic Moroccan rosemary oil Over 90% of the ingredients are hydrating botanical ingredients Hydrates and repairs damages as a leave in treatment. Apply on wet or dry hair focusing on mid to ends. Air or blow dry. Scent of European Freesia herbs

VICREA &Herb Moist Airy Treatment 1.0

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