Revour focuses on the “protein deficiency” that causes daily hair problems such as damage and dryness, and while washing the necessary protein with phytoprotein (vegetable protein) that maximizes the vitality of plants. Hair care series to replenish.

A well-balanced and unique formulation of 7 cleansing ingredients that cares not only for hair but also for the scalp.

In addition, plant-derived ingredients such as phytochemicals (phytochemicals) and plant stem cells are luxuriously blended to maximize the vitality of plants. A shampoo and treatment that is free of animal-derived ingredients.

Focusing on the fact that about 80% of hair is "protein", by supplementing phytoprotein (100% vegetable protein) that utilizes the power of phyto (plant), Leads to moisturized, moisturized hair.

Bergamot & Basmine Scent
The scent of bergamot in the sun is combined with the elegant scent of jasmine, giving it a refreshing and gorgeous scent.

Reveur Smooth & Moist Shampoo 500ML

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