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Japanese medicinal whitening VC bath extract lemon extract and VC derivatives, natural orange fragrance, give you a comfortable and pleasant bathing experience. More whitening moisturizer, body removing excess skin effect, is an essential summer whitening artifact!
The bath is a whitening effect of bath products, especially for the summer do not like sunscreen and body painted tan easily sister is hot Japanese supermarket products, by Japan's favorite is often easy to crush out of stock. Thin slightly milky liquid, foaming is not particularly rich, very strong VC effervescent acidity, amount of a province, it should be used for a long time.
Note: This also has the bath in addition to whitening exfoliating effect, it is not recommended to use every day, it is recommended once every 2 days beginning two days and then separated once.


Fresh Yuzu scent


Made in Japan

[Limited Edition] White Conc Body Shampoo 600 ml

  • 4990110005933


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