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  • It is a body soap that comes out with bubbles that can be used with a baby.
  • Wash ingredients 100% Plantborn.
  • Additive prescription with consideration for your skin: coloring agent, fragrance, mineral oil, silicon, paraben, alcohol (ethanol), sulphate (sulfuric acid type surfactant) not used.
  • Easy to extend the whole body by hand, good elastic bubbles per skin.
  • Quick bubbling, rinse is also speedy.


How to use:

Take an appropriate amount of foam in your hands, rinse foam gently on your skin, then rinse off. A total of 6 to 10 push minutes for adults is an estimate of use.



Water, cocobetaine, DPG, PEG-150, lauric acid, laureth-100, myristic acid, glycosyltrehalose, acetylglucosamine, hydroxylated K, HEDTA-3Na, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol

KRACIE NAIVE Pure Body Wash FOAM Soap 550ml

  • 4901417161031


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