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  • Contains 3 types of scrubs made from the ingredients contained in hot springs.


  • An exquisite balance of grains of different sizes and a smoother that softens at a body temperature of around 37°C cares your skin gently.


  • Unlike ordinary scrubs, the particles are fine, so even if you massage it by gently stroking it.


  • It will clear off the rough and stiff skin.


  • Natural hot spring water softens dead skin cells.


  • Contains alkaline simple hot spring water that softens dead skin cells.


  • By softening the old calluses that cause graininess, it can be removed smoothly.


  • For those who want to use it every week, very happy with the cost performance.


  • A sense of security that can be used generously is a point that makes body care a more enjoyable time.

    How to use:


  • It's like taking a hot spring.


  • How to make smooth skin.


  • After warming up well in the bathroom, pick up Body Smoother N with one Muscat wet hand.


  • Knead with a little water or lukewarm water until soft.


  • Lightly massage the part you care about and just wash it away.


  • The decollete is from the center to the outside, and the shoulders are lightly wrapped in a circle 2-3 times to wrap it.


  • The neck is lighter from bottom to top.


  • If you apply body lotion and hand cream well, you will have smooth skin.

House of Rose Oh Baby Body Smoother 570g

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