• Using hair root melting technology, special microparticles ingredient.


  • It can quickly penetrate into the hair follicle and melt away the 3 mm hair follicle under the skin.


  • And forms minerals such as calcium around the extracted hair follicles.


  • Which can moisturize the skin and prevent the supply of hair follicles moisture and nutrients.


  • Thereby achieving an effective reduction of the hair's ability to regenerate and smooth the skin.


  • Intimate applicator head design, easy to remove hair when taking a bath.


  • No odor, no side effects, mild and non-irritating.


  • Including peach leaves, apples, money flowers, grapefruit, soy extract and squalane, epilating simultaneously moisturizing.

    How to use:


  • Apply evenly about 1-3 mm thick hair removal cream on the hair removal area, the thickness should be enough to cover up the body hair.


  • Do not rub, wait 1-3 minutes to wipe clean with a wet wipe or paper towel.


  • To prevent the hair removal cream from remaining on the skin, please wash it with water.

Cecile Maia Hair Remover for Body

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